Scary Doll Remake



My BFF loves to decorate for Halloween, so I visited my local Goodwill store hoping to find inspiration. My first idea was to find a plastic baby doll to strip, take apart, insert into a jar, and fill with water and some green food coloring. Ick! But when I saw this lovely porcelain doll for less than $5, I knew she was the one!

She was easy to transform. I first painted her face and arms with white gesso and then white acrylic paint. I used a black Sharpie to “paint” her fingernails and pupils. I ripped the dress in places, used Distress crayons to shade her eyes and dirty her dress. Red alcohol ink and watercolor spray took care of the “blood” stains. I cut her hair in places and teased it up.

That’s all, folks — A frightening exhibit for my BFF’s Halloween decor!

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