Potion Jars DIY


Potion 2

As I shared last week, my BFF loves to decorate for Halloween. (https://crapsmanship.com/2017/10/01/scary-doll-remake/). So I worked on another cheap project that was completed with supplies from Dollar Tree and the backyard. This DIY project is also a perfect example of crapsmanship!

I started out at Dollar Tree. I bought some plastic spiders, a jar of mouthwash, a bottle of vitamins, some rubbing alcohol, a child’s sippy cup, and a metal tray. All for $6!!!

Once home, I sprayed everything with white primer that I had on hand. (CRAP ALERT: I was too lazy to remove the labels.) The directions I was loosely following called for black chalkboard paint next, which I then used to paint everything, including lids, with no problem. Then I used the hot glue gun to “write” the scary labels on the jars: Snake Oil, Eye of Newt, Dragon Scales, and Raven’s Blood. (CRAP ALERT: Many letters were difficult to discern and some words looked just like a blob of nothingness. Crapsmen often have to resort to Plan B.)

I knew I needed to make the potion jars and tray look old and dusty, so I experimented with different colors and applications of acrylic paints until I got the look I wanted. (CRAP ALERT: Sometimes the first try doesn’t work and you have to keep trying until you get what you want.)

Now it was time for Plan B. I used a white marker to make the words more distinct. CRAP ALERT: They words now didn’t look dirty and dusty enough, so I had to do some mussing up with the acrylic paints. But, finally, I had the look I wanted.

Potion 1

I hot glued some moss to the tray and a few scales from pinecones. About that time, my BFF came over and said she had several items that would work to “scary” the works up. (CRAP ALERT: It’s okay to turn over you work to someone else if they can do better.)

What comes next is BFF’s contribution.

Note the spray-painted spiders (plastic) and locusts (real but dead!), the seed pod of some sort, and the plastic skeleton.

A little more moss and a black crow on top completes the project. Yikes!

Potion 5


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