Personalized Wine Label


Wine 3

My BFF and I were looking for the perfect gift for a friend of ours (Jack) who was turning 65, and I think we found it! I bought a good bottle of wine (when is wine NOT a great gift?!), and BFF and I reworked the label to personalize it. 

We used two squares of decorative contact paper to cover up the existing front and back labels. Then I printed two labels with personalized text and a photo from long ago.

Wine 1

The new front label says:

Cher Ami Vineyards

Vintage 1952


 An old, fine-bodied white wine with crisp notes

of love and best wishes, perfect for drinking at

your lake house with old friends.

BFF and I made up the French-sounding name of the vineyard, 1952 is when Jack was born (yes, we’re old!), and Kilpatrick is her last name.

Wine 2

The back label says:


Bottled by Madison Bottling Company in Houston, Texas

 WARNINGS: According to the Surgeon General, consumption of this product could lead to (1) hilarity and frivolity; (2) laxity during grandma duties; and    (3) more fun with the HaHa’s.


Madison was our high school in Houston, and the rest was written specifically with Jack in mind.

This proved to be the perfect gift — easy to do and loved by the recipient. A win-win for all!

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