Tea Bag Gift Tags


Tag 16

I’ve been crafting many, many holiday gift tags, and these tea bag tags are one of my favorites. A tag with a gift inside attached to a gift. What could be better? Because I made several of these tags for all my tea-loving friends and family, I started with a template so that I wouldn’t have to measure each one.

Tag 1

I started with a 6″ x 6″ square of copy paper, though for durability, using a piece of cardstock would have been smarter.

Tag 2

Next, I picked a corner, measured 3.5″ both directions, and marked the spots.

Tag 3

I did the same thing of the opposite corner. Now I had 4 marks.

Tag 4

At each mark, I cut out a little notch. My template was now ready for multiple uses.

Now I was ready to begin the construction of my tea bag tag. I selected a 6″ x 6″ square of holiday scrapbook paper. (I bought the paper the right size, but you could easily cut out the square yourself from larger paper.) My paper was cardstock weight, but lighter paper would work too.

Tag 6

My paper was also double-sided, so I selected the side I wanted for the outside of my tag and laid it face-down. In the photo above, I’m showing the side I picked for the inside.

Tag 7

I then laid the template over my paper,

Tag 8

made a mark at each notch,

Tag 9

and removed the template.

Tag 10

Now for the folding. I used my marks as a guide to fold the first corner inward.

Tag 11

I next folded in corner 2 at the marks.

Tag 12

For my final fold, I simply put the two points together. I used a pen to smooth the folds down flat.

Tag 13

Using a foil-wrapped tea bag, I inserted the bag,

Tag 14

punched a hole in the points of the tag,

Tag 15

and tied it all up, including my to/from tag, with a red and white ribbon. I could easily have just written the name of the recipient directly on the tea bag tag, but I like the addition of another layer of cuteness.

This craft is a great way to personalize a gift, and once your template is done, the tag is a piece of cake!


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