Boxed Brownie Secret


You may prefer made-from-scratch brownies, but this crapswoman is perfectly okay with the boxed variety. Particularly if they have this gooey secret inside!

I started off with a boxed brownie mix and followed the package directions to assemble the batter.

Next, I spread half the batter into a 13″ x 9″ pan and placed two Hershey’s giant Symphony bars on top.

Chocolate, almonds, and toffee chips. That’s heaven to a chocolate fan!

I topped the chocolate bars with the rest of the brownie batter …

… and baked according to the directions on the brownie box.

I usually serve these brownies as is, and people are happy to encounter the surprise inside. If I’m feeling especially decadent, however, I top the fresh-from-the-oven brownies with more Symphony bars. As they melt, I spread the melted chocolate with an offset spatula.

Give it a try. Your brownie lovers will love you!

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