Pumpkin Pic



I’ve posted before about the seasonal pictures I keep on a small table in my living room. The white frame houses a 6″ x 6″ mat, and I try and create a picture to match the season. Here’s my Memorial Day pic:  https://crapsmanship.com/2018/05/25/memorial-day-watercolor/.

I removed the picture after the Fourth of July and substituted a photograph of my beautiful grandchildren. But a pumpkin shouldn’t be too hard to create to accompany my fall decor, should it?

Well, I am anything but a painter, but crapsmen don’t pay too much attention to the talents they lack. I started with a red, yellow, and orange background using a Gelli Plate and then used painter’s tape to outline the 6″ x 6″ dimensions of my finished work.img_5732

The paper was too curly, but a few bottles of lotion helped solve that problem! I then painted a brown tabletop with a few metallic brown highlights. It doesn’t take a Rembrandt to get this far!img_5733My pumpkin started with the right shape, but I had to add many layers of paint to get it to look more or less like a real pumpkin.img_5734I added the world’s ugliest stem, and had to consult some real artists’ pictures to make the stem look less first grade and more sixth grade.img_5735A few brown highlights on the pumpkin and some white additions to the stem completed the project.img_5736Once matted and set on the tabletop, I don’t think it looks half bad!img_5842

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