ClodhoppersIt’s funny how a chance thought morphs into something memorable. That happened to my BFF as she wondered about the word clodhopper. She looked up the word online, which lead her down the rabbit hole of definitions, images, and tangents. Once she learned that Canadians make a special treat called clodhoppers, she was off and running to the grocery store.
You see, it was time for our annual cookie dough exchange with our high school girlfriends. I made dough for Chocolate and Vanilla Icebox Swirl cookies ( They tasted good, but the recipe was flawed and so were my skills at making the dough swirl as directed.

BFF, however, is much less inclined to cook, and the Clophopper recipe was perfect — 3 ingredients. It calls for:

4 cups Honey Graham cereal (Golden Grahams)
2 cups white chocolate, not melting wafers
1 cup unsalted cashews

Melt the chocolate, stir it into the other two ingredients, and POW! a yummy, easy treat. BFF couldn’t find unsalted cashews, so she substituted trail mix. Just as good, I’m sure. And addicting? Oh, my, yes!

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