Christmas Tree Forest


In one of our spare bedrooms, we have twin beds and a closet full of toys and games. We call this the “Grandkid Room” for fairly obvious reasons. There’s a built-in desk, and for the holidays every year, I put cotton batting and an assortment of Christmas trees. Some trees I’ve purchased; many I’ve made. Every year, I add one or two, so our forest is slowly growing.

In today’s post, I’ll show you each of the trees I’ve made, along with a caption describing the process. They all began with either a styrofoam or a papier mache cone. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try a tree or two!

Purchased pompoms and hot glue

White yarn, craft glue, and silver glitter

Variegated gray yarn and craft glue

Blue fuzzy yarn and craft glue

A Christmas-themed napkin and ModPodge

An old cookbook and ModPodge

Music-themed wrapping paper and ModPodge

Shimmery green yarn and craft glue

Tissue paper and ModPodge

A canvas, acrylic paint, and gold leaf

Gelli plated tree, decoupaged gifts   made from scraps, and writing with gel pens

Let me know if you make some, okay?!

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