Christmas Crafties


For Christmas, I was thrilled to receive three new crafting supplies — a set of 8 Posca pens, 48 oil pastels crayons (such pretty colors!), and a 12″ x 14″ Gelli Plate (be still my heart!). Experimenting with the new Gelli plate, I made six large sheets with acrylic paints, masks, and stamps. Two of the sheets were completed using mixed media paper, and four of them were made with Dan the Man’s baking parchment paper. They’re all about 11″ x 14″.

These were a good start but unimpressive. With some stencils, more acrylic paint, Posca pens, and oil pastels, I added to each page — much more better!

I’ll save the two made on mixed media paper for a future art project, and I’ll cut up the ones made with parchment paper to use on some greeting cards I intend to make later. And my Christmas gifts are all broken in!!!

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