Candle Bouquet


img_6618My sweet husband Dan the Man had a milestone birthday this past week, and I hosted a big celebration at a local brewery. Of course, I wouldn’t be a proper party host without some crafting! I didn’t want to do 70 birthday candles since we weren’t having a traditional cake, so I crafted a candle bouquet “cake” instead.
img_6608My first order of business was to find the candles I had in mind. Dollar Tree to the rescue; six candles for a dollar!
img_6607I then used my trusty glue gun to glue the ten candles together. I kept gluing and stacking sets of ten until I had seven tiers.
img_6610I set them upright on a lovely platter, tied them with a silver bow, and made sure I packed my fireplace lighter.
img_6613The candle bouquet was a hit, and we didn’t even need a fire extinguisher!

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