Spring Flowers Pic


Usually when I write about my crapsmanship, I’m describing my efforts to make things look better. Not this time! I should have stopped while I was ahead as I worked on this picture of a pot of spring flowers.

I first started with a pastel background using acrylic paints, some with a metallic finish. I used stencils and stamps to add some interest to the background. I next used a crinkly paper to make the blue tabletop and added a black pot, again using paper.

Using my stash of green Gelli-printed deli paper, I glued down leaves.

I cut out blobby shapes from old books, added black blobs for flower centers, and added a few more black touches.

Maybe, maybe, it would have been okay if I’d stopped there. But I continued to add embellishments, hoping that I would hit on a more pleasing combination. I refused to take any more photos because it just kept getting worse and worse! What does one do with art that’s truly crappy?!

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