Our Own Studio!



My BFF has recently moved around the corner from me. There’s a certain symmetry to this move, since she lived just around the corner from my childhood home when she moved there with her family when we were eight. (We are exceedingly far from eight now!) One of the advantages to her move — besides her proximity to me, of course — is the big back building she has. We’ve been working the past few months to make one side of it into our studio. Though I’m exceedingly far from being an artist, I love having a place to hang out, store all my crafting crap, and play. Just yesterday, BFF and I installed the “STUDIO” sign I created using materials from my stash (see above).

Below is a panoramic view of the space. One side is a lounge area, complete with sleeper sofa. We also have a number of art and how-to books in this area.  The other side has bookshelves for storage and a large work table. Since this photo was taken, we’ve installed a big LED light over the table. The expanse of empty floor makes it easy to spread out our crapsmanship to dry.


Soon on our innovations to the space will be a small fridge (after all, where else can we store the wine?) and an AC (you know it’s hot here in the summer!). We’ve also decided to make red licorice our signature studio snack. I figure we’re the only crapspeople with a signature candy!!!

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