In the Studio with the Grandgirls


Dan the Man and I have had three of our granddaughters visiting this week. Boy, are we tired! For fun mornings, we’ve been to the studio at least once a day, and I’ve been doing little lessons on artists and art techniques. Here’s my photo-documentation.

Our first lesson was about Matisse. We cut out construction paper and glued the shapes onto a white 11×14″ paper.

The next day, we studied Van Gogh. We collaged sunflowers (made from Gelli-plated papers) onto black canvases.

The girls were excited when we fingerprinted on Wednesday. We learned about Monet’s water lilies. Our canvases were first covered with solid colors, and then we used washi tape to make bridges. Using three complementary colors, the girls dabbed on paint, removed the washi tape, and finally added “water lilies” to sit under the bridge. Love ’em!

After studying the geometric art of Mondrian, we used the edges of credit cards to divide canvases into sections. Then the girls used primary colors to fill in the rectangles. Such concentration!

Princess the Youngest went home Wednesday evening, so Princesses 1 & 2 were alone on Thursday to do their Picasso portraits.

Over the course of the week, the three girls learned about the color wheel, abstract vs representational art, color combinations, perspective, and papier mache (they created surprises for Father’s Day), and so much more. But perhaps their favorite activity was face painting Grandpa. What a good sport!

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