Red Flower Mixed Media



This project was the epitome of crapsmanship — working, reworking, and reworking until I get something pleasing. My original intent was to do something abstract in black, white and gold. Strangely enough, I started with a baby blue background on an 18X24 canvas. I had read that starting with an unexpected color can add interest. The picture below isn’t my canvas, but it does show you the color I began with.

Not wanting much, if any, of the blue to ultimately appear in my project, I gave the canvas a wash of white. It’s not very impressive for having two coats of paint yet, is it?!

I then began with streaks and swooshes of black, white, and gold. I used a metallic gold marker to add some pseudo-writing. (Did you know that’s called “asemic writing?”) Not quite happy yet, I added some silver leaf and then some more black, gold, and white. I’m just trying to get to the place where the canvas doesn’t look crappy.

After adding some more “text” and a few doodles, I think I like it.

But it’s still missing something, so I decide to add a flower and vase. I made a tall, skinny vase with black paper and white paint. In the picture below, I’m checking for size and placement.

I then cut out a green stem and red flower. Again, I lay it all of the canvas to check the look. This crapsman has glued things down way too early in past projects and then decided the objects just weren’t right.  In the photo below, I like the placement, but the patterns on the stem and flower are too busy for the chaotic background.

Using different papers, I finally glue down the stem and flower. Looking better but still not quite right.

CRAP ALERT: I added gold metallic paste to the flower, and I think it looks awful!

Fortunately, with the outlining and embellishments I did to the flower and stem, I think the final product looks decent.

Maybe not museum-worthy, but not bad for a non-artist!

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