Mother/Daughter Glitter Shoes



For a Christmas gift to Princess M last year, I made her a pair of glitter shoes. I followed the directions from Amy Latta (see, and they were easy peasy. The only two tricks were using the right paints and taping off the rubber bits well.

Princess M’s mom wanted to make matching glitter shoes, so when Dan the Man and I went to visit the grandkids last weekend, crafting more glitter shoes were on the agenda. We taped the rubber parts of each shoe (bought cheaply at Hobby Lobby) with masking tape, painted on the paint (blue this time) recommended in Amy’s post, and let them dry.
We then painted a layer of transparent glitter paint and let that dry overnight. Done and done!
Pink glittered shoelaces in both shoes were just the perfect addition to these cute shoes, don’t you think?

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