DIY Silhouette


I have a new sweet great-grandson, and this silhouette is one of my crafting projects for his parents for Christmas. The hardest part of it all was getting a good side-view photo of a three-month old baby!

Once I had a photo I was happy with, I sent it to my computer, scaled it to a 4″x6″ size, printed it on card stock, and carefully cut out the photo. In the meantime, I added lots of color to another piece of card stock using acrylic paints and stencils.

Then I centered the silhouette on my 5″x7″ Gelli plate. I covered it all with black acrylic paint,

removed the silhouette, and printed the sweet boy’s image onto the colored sheet.

After trimming the page to a 5″x7″ size, I framed it, wrapped it, and readied it for Christmas.

It was an easy project, despite the multiple steps, and the most impressive thing about the whole thing is that it looks just like Clayton!

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