Coaster Art


Several months ago, I blogged about getting some discarded beer coasters from a local brewery.  I used them to crap up for gift tags, and the making of the tags has been quite addictive ( Just about everyone I know got hand-crafted gift tags for Christmas.  But I didn’t stop there!

I took sixteen round crapped-up coasters and aligned them in a grid on a black-painted 18″x24″ canvas. Once I was sure they would fit in a 4×4 pattern, I removed the coasters, used chalk to draw straight lines directly on the canvas, and then traced each line with hot glue.

I then used gold Rub’n’buff (a rub-on gold paste) to trace over the raised lines.

After some touch-ups, I now have a original piece of recycled art. I don’t know what I’ll do with the piece, but I think it’s kinda cool!

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