Kraft-Tex Necklace



Have you heard of Kraft-Tex? It’s a paper product that functions as fabric. You can paint, cut, sew, emboss, stamp, and draw on the material. I’ve just recently learned about Kraft-Tex, and I bought a starter kit — ten 8.5×11″ sheets with five colors — to give it a go. (

I painted, stenciled, drew, and stamped all ten of my sheets, front and back. Here’s one example:

I then used my daughter-in-law’s Cricut machine to cut each sheet into assorted shapes. I hand-cut the scraps. Here’s a stack of pieces from the gray Kraft-Tex.

Now for the necklace.  I’d cut out three sizes of hearts using the Cricut machine, and I selected three of my favorite pieces. I hammered a hole into each with an icepick, threaded two jump rings, and strung the now-completed necklace onto a choker. That’s it. The necklace is original, hand-made, and functioned as a perfect go-with for my red Valentine’s Day sweater!

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