Oyster Shell Ring Bowl


Last Wednesday was Dan the Man’s birthday, and we went our for a celebratory meal. When he ordered a half-dozen char-broiled oysters for his appetizer, I had just the craft project in mind using the discarded oyster shells. While the server looked at me a little funny when I asked to bring the shells home, she was happy to put them in a take-home bag for me.

I washed them well, let them dry overnight, and took them to the studio the next morning. Using gloss ModPodge and single plies of decorative napkins, I glued a napkin to each “bowl” of a shell, finishing with ModPodge on top. I let these dry overnight.

The next day, I tried using an X-Acto knife to trim the napkins around the perimeter of the shells. That didn’t work so well, but I found an easier way to remove the excess napkin. I wet the perimeter of each shell with a little bit of water and then simply tore the unwanted napkin parts off. The edges were a little fuzzy, but my last step took care of that problem.

I recently found some gold glaze at Tuesday Morning. The color is rich and beautiful, and the mixture functions much like a texture paste. Using a palette knife, I dabbed the glaze unevenly all around the edges of the shell, covering up each napkin’s torn edges.

I set these aside to dry, and my project was finished. It was no problem to give these away to friends and family for them to use as lovely small bowls. Now to find more oyster shells!

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