Oyster Shell Shadow Box


I love my new shadow box! This was an easy-to-do craft, so no crapsmanship was involved, though there was some trial and error in the making of it.

In February, I posted about making these oyster shell ring bowls. (See https://crapsmanship.com/2020/02/23/oyster-shell-ring-bowl/.) When I had five decorated oyster shells with a similar appearance, I organized them to look like a flower. It’s got potential, right?

So I looked for an affordable shadow box. Michael’s recent big sale contained 10″x10″ white shadow boxes that fit the bill perfectly, and for only $10. Bargain! My next step was to decide what to do with the center of the “flower.” I tried gluing pearl beads onto a small round disk, but that didn’t look good in the center. My next attempt was to stack the beads randomly in the center. That worked just fine. So I first glued down the oyster shells with dries-transparent glue, and then globbed a bunch of glue in the center and pushing down the beads. 

I was worried that the pink in the shells wouldn’t look good hanging on my persimmon bathroom wall, but I think it’s just fine. I’m pleased with the ease and beauty of the final product!

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