Monthly Archives: July 2020

Mixed Media Sunflowers


It’s sunflower time in the beautiful fields around my area in northwest Louisiana, and they’re an inspiration to my mixed media work. I’ve just changed out several of my art pieces around the house, as seen in the photos accompanying this post. I’ve painted, stenciled, and stamped the backgrounds and then used gelli-printed papers to make the sunflowers.

This one above is proportionally a little off, but I love the metallic sparkle (which is not very apparent in the photo).

This small one in my guest bath has enough red that it works well with the golds and crimsons decorating the rest of the room.

The one above is my favorite, mainly because I think the background is just right. And when it comes to crapsmanship, “just right” isn’t a common phrase!

Flamingos, flamingos!

I announced several weeks ago that BFF and I have an Etsy store for selling sets of five notecards, each with original art. (Check out BFF and I got our first commission a week or so ago for two sets of cards featuring flamingos. BFF did five cards, and so did I. We had one happy customer! Here are a few pix.

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