For BFF’s and my Etsy card shop (, I made these cute collaged card fronts. I named the set “House Hunters.”

My first step was to apply a wash of blue and green watercolor paint to each card front, blue for the sky and green for the grass. After drying, I cut out a different house shape using assorted collage paper in my stash and adhered the shapes with matte medium.

I also used collage paper for roofs, trees, hedges, chimneys, clouds, doormats, sidewalks, and animals.

I used pens to add some embellishments, like the roof pattern on the house below.
I used dots of acrylic paint, applied with the end of a paintbrush or toothpick, to make the flowers.
Everything was created and cut free-hand.

I think these would be perfect as a gift to a new homeowner or a real estate agent!

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