Monthly Archives: May 2021

Rule of Thirds


I’ve been doing some nature photography lately, snapping pix of spring flowers with my iPhone. I’ve been trying, with some success, to use the Rule of Thirds as a guideline for where to place my main image. The Rule of Thirds is a “rule of thumb” for visual artists — photographers, illustrators, painters. See the photo above? (P.S. – It’s not my photograph, but I don’t have the attribution.) It’s divided into three sections horizontally and three vertically.

The Rule of Thirds proposes that the main image should be placed along the lines of intersection (see the red pluses in the photo above). Proponents assert that this technique creates more interest and energy in the composition. Below are a few of my most recent photos. How’d I do? Do you have a favorite?

Working with the Non-Dominant Hand


My Crafts and Cocktails group loves to play with different crafts together. One member of the group recently broke her right thumb and is in a cast. In a nod to Karen’s dilemma, we decided to each bring an inspiration photo of flowers in a vase and replicate it in acrylics using only our non-dominant hand. I had a few slips, resorting back to my dominant hand, but the effort loosened me up and made me laugh. Here’s mine — inspiration photo and replication.