Baby Shower Card


I’m co-opting this idea from my BFF, who made this card to accompany a baby shower gift. As you can likely infer, both the giver and receiver are tennis players, and this easy strategy makes a perfect gift tag for a baby-to-be.

BFF first found a round item — I’m not sure what this actually is — painted it pink (It’s a girl!) and rolled it with a brayer to distribute the paint evenly.

She used a pencil eraser to remove some of the paint so the circle now resembled a tennis ball. BFF then stamped the “ball” onto a piece of 4″ x 5″ mixed media paper.

After allowing time for the print to dry, BFF punched two small holes in the edge of the ball, threaded some ribbon through, and tied it off. She used double-sided tape to attach the print to a green card front. I think it’s absolutely precious!

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