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I began this blog on October 3, 2014, as a way to stay active after retiring from teaching. I wanted to keep my crafting and my writing chops well-practiced, and I was knew my strength wasn’t in first-time-perfect craftsmanship. Instead, I hoped to share my creative journey by describing both the successes, the workarounds, and the oh-too-many failures. I’ve certainly enjoyed the process and have fulfilled my goal.

Now, however, I find that the blog has become just one more obligation. My days are full of other creative pursuits, and I’ve decided to give an easy demise — quick and painless. And so I say goodbye. Thank you for taking the time to visit my modest attempts at crafting and writing.

If you’re interested in seeing my most recent artistic work, follow BFF’s and my Etsy site:


Rule of Thirds


I’ve been doing some nature photography lately, snapping pix of spring flowers with my iPhone. I’ve been trying, with some success, to use the Rule of Thirds as a guideline for where to place my main image. The Rule of Thirds is a “rule of thumb” for visual artists — photographers, illustrators, painters. See the photo above? (P.S. – It’s not my photograph, but I don’t have the attribution.) It’s divided into three sections horizontally and three vertically.

The Rule of Thirds proposes that the main image should be placed along the lines of intersection (see the red pluses in the photo above). Proponents assert that this technique creates more interest and energy in the composition. Below are a few of my most recent photos. How’d I do? Do you have a favorite?

Please help


This isn’t a crapsmanship account today but an appeal. This beautiful woman is the daughter of a dear friend. She has been missing from Vivian, Louisiana since January 21, 2020. The sheriff’s department detectives are investigating and are confident that someone knows her whereabouts. Unfortunately, “being a good person” isn’t enough motivation for someone to share what they know. Consequently, I have started a GoFundMe account that will provide a reward for information that would lead to her whereabouts and/or the arrest of the responsible party.

Please, please, share the link below. Shares and donations are two ways to help this family find their daughter.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.