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Super Bowl Sunday!


It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I have to confess that I haven’t watched much NFL this year, but Dan the Man and I always watch the Super Bowl. Now, it’s true that we may be doing other things while the game is on, but we sure don’t want to miss any football action or commercial gems.

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Our family Christmas celebration wasn’t until Saturday, December 27, so this year Dan the Man and I celebrated December 25 at home alone.  I decided that we needed to start a new tradition that I named “Apps and Naps.”  I fixed a bunch of appetizers (apps) and just by accident (!), we took naps on the couch.   You may want to co-opt this idea for your January-1st-I’m-on-the-couch-with-a-hangover New Year’s Day.  Our naps were successful, as were most of the appetizers, though I did have a few app failures (CRAP ALERT!). Read the rest of this entry