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Bunny Bite Mini-Cupcakes


Cupcake 7

I’m hosting a baby shower the day before Easter and am decorating with a pink bunny theme.  (It’s a girl!)  I thought mini-cupcakes would be an easy thing for people to eat as dessert, and when I saw a how-to on making these cute bunny ears, I just had to experiment.  For my trial run, I used a boxed white cake mix and canned frosting, but for the real thing, I’ll go to more trouble ;-)!  I first made the cupcakes in mini-cake pans.

Cupcake 1

While these were cooling, I put a few drops of green food coloring and about a cup of shredded coconut into a mason jar.  After numerous shakes and a little stirring to break up clumps, the coconut was grass green.

Cupcake 5

The bunny ears were easy.  Since I was making two dozen cupcakes, I cut 24 mini-marshmallows in half, diagonally, using scissors.  I poured some pink sugar (I purchased this at Wal-Mart in the cake decorating section) on to a saucer and dipped the cut sticky side of each half-marshmallow into the sugar.  I set these parts aside.

Once the cupcakes were cool enough, I frosted them with chocolate frosting to represent dirt.  Icing these was not my strongest suit!

Cupcake 8

Next, I spooned some green coconut onto each cupcake, gently pressing the coconut into the frosting with the back of the spoon.  Using a cooling rack for this step helped the extra coconut drop below the cupcakes and made clean-up easy.

Cupcake 5

Finally, I put sets of bunny-ear marshmallows onto the top of each cupcake.  I gently pressed them down so they would adhere to the frosting.  Voila!  I think they’re the cutest thing ever!

Cupcake 6




Shhhhh.  Can you hear it?  It’s the sound of silence around my house.   Dan the Man and I have had our daughter-in-law and five-year-old granddaughter staying with us for two months as Stephanie was finishing up her job in Shreveport.  Last Friday was their final day, and I already miss them.  I feel so lucky to have had the time with Princess M, and our house is so quiet without the commotion of a youngster.  Dan and I will have to get used to just-the-two-of-us again.  Princess M’s presence explains my absence from this blog, but I wouldn’t trade her company for a million hours of writing and crapsmanship.


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Last Saturday, I co-hosted a baby shower for Martha.  Martha is closing in on 80 and will be a first-time grandma.  We thought she deserved the best, and since she’s a teacher (yes, she’s still teaching at 75+) and avid book whisperer, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with a children’s-book-themed party.  Guests brought books for soon-to-be-born Leighton Lou, and our food all centered around books.  The hostesses can’t claim the cake; it came from Wal-Mart.

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