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Bunches & Bunches of Bunnies


Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love the warming weather, the sense of renewal, and the promise of long days and lounging by the pool.

My favorite part of decorating in the spring is putting out my collection of shiny white bunnies.

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Bunny Bite Mini-Cupcakes


Cupcake 7

I’m hosting a baby shower the day before Easter and am decorating with a pink bunny theme.  (It’s a girl!)  I thought mini-cupcakes would be an easy thing for people to eat as dessert, and when I saw a how-to on making these cute bunny ears, I just had to experiment.  For my trial run, I used a boxed white cake mix and canned frosting, but for the real thing, I’ll go to more trouble ;-)!  I first made the cupcakes in mini-cake pans. Read the rest of this entry