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Yummy White Cake


Cake 1

I made these cupcakes for a baby shower I was hosting, and the cake part was just delicious.  (CRAP ALERT: We won’t talk about the frosting!)  I got this recipe from my son but don’t know it’s origin.  I also committed the cardial sin of a blogger — I didn’t take pictures as I worked.  But the recipe is easy to follow, so pictures aren’t really necessary if you try this yourself.

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The recipe isn’t mine, but I’m sure it will become a favorite holiday treat for my family.  I found it on Pinterest from a site called Simply Recipes.  The blog poster’s directions were easy to follow, and the pictures were yummiful (yummy + beautiful).  The orange-ish pound cake pairs deliciously with the tart cranberry topping.  I’m posting today to give a few hints on how I produced my own yummiful cranberry upside down cake, despite having a tendency toward crapsmanship in my cooking. Read the rest of this entry