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Cockroach Peanut Butter Pie



In the spirit of laziness, I’m reposting from two years ago. This peanut butter pie is a yummy treat, but it’s perfect for Halloween and grandkids with the addition of date-cockroaches. See how I made it here: https://crapsmanship.com/2015/10/28/peanut-butter-and-cockroach-pie/.



Potion Jars DIY


Potion 2

As I shared last week, my BFF loves to decorate for Halloween. (https://crapsmanship.com/2017/10/01/scary-doll-remake/). So I worked on another cheap project that was completed with supplies from Dollar Tree and the backyard. This DIY project is also a perfect example of crapsmanship!

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Scary Doll Remake



My BFF loves to decorate for Halloween, so I visited my local Goodwill store hoping to find inspiration. My first idea was to find a plastic baby doll to strip, take apart, insert into a jar, and fill with water and some green food coloring. Ick! But when I saw this lovely porcelain doll for less than $5, I knew she was the one! Read the rest of this entry

Book-Inspired Pumpkin


img_3114I won’t bore you with the how-to on this one — it’s a simple rip, rip, rip, glue, glue, glue.  But I do have some things I’ve learned in my attempt that may help you turn your own crappy pumpkin into better-than-crapsmanship.

  1. It helped to keep the torn book pieces fairly small — no bigger than 2″ x 2″.  But please don’t measure — that’s against the bylaws of the Crapsmanship Club!
  2. Plan to get sticky.  My hands were a mess with ModPodge.  Have a couple wet paper towels handy for an occasional quick clean-up.
  3. My hands were a mess because I had to press the the wet-with-glue paper onto the pumpkin to get it to conform to the shape of the pumpkin. You want to make sure the seams of the pumpkins show.
  4. I wish I had ripped off the page margins beforehand.  I prefer more text on my pumpkin and less white space.
  5. I used a very diluted brown watercolor to “age” the pumpkin. I’m not sure I like it.

This project was easy, and I like the pumpkin sitting amid books on my living room shelves. You may want to consider other things to ModPodge onto a cheap pumpkin (I have a friend who used map pages to good effect) such as wrapping paper, catalogs, or old letters. Have fun!