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Keeping Track of Knitting


Knit 4

I usually struggle with remembering to count my rows as I knit. I use a counting app (StitchCounter) for most projects, but I’ve got a little trick for projects that have a repeating pattern, like this dishcloth.

Knit 2

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Princess M, Boot Cuffs, and Ponytail Hat, Oh, My!


Princess M spent several days with Dan the Man and me right before Christmas. She was most interested in my knitting, and of course, wanted me to make something for her.  Since I’ve just mastered joining in the round (taking me from beginning knitting status to advanced beginners, I think!), I offered to make her some boot cuffs.  We trekked to Hobby Lobby, and the princess got to select her own yarn. Read the rest of this entry

Wine Scarves




I’m still in the beginning knitter camp, despite my two years of practice. But I’ve been venturing out as I try some new stitches and techniques, and I’ve found this quick-ish knitting project producing cute Christmas gifts if paired with bottles on wine. This project has the added benefits of giving me additional knitting practice and helping me use up a skein of holiday-red yarn. I’ve done several with plain garter stitch, adding pom-poms (a new skill) to the ends of one and fringe to another. I did  a scarf with rows of alternating garter stitch and yarn overs, and I’m now working on a scarf made out of seed stitch (another new skill).  I’ll try the chevron seed stitch on my next one.  For the one in the photo above, I cut the tufts off of some bunny yarn and sewed them onto the garter stitch scarf. Read the rest of this entry

Knitting Success



My current knitting project is this beautiful red scarf made from 100% mink yarn. I’m hoping it will look and feel good in December when I plan to wear it with my Christmas clothes.  I’m writing about it today because it’s a good illustration of my improvement as a knitter.

The pattern is called Kelp Scarf, and it’s available for free as a Ravelry download at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kelp-scarf-2.  It has this pretty lace pattern at either end, and the rest is all garter stitch.

I knitted the same pattern about a year ago as a Christmas gift for my friend Kerry. I struggled and struggled with the lace.  As a matter of fact, I worked on it on a 4-hour car ride to visit our grandkids. I ripped it out so many times (and undoubtedly said a few choice words), I was in the same place when we reached our destination that I had started at.

This time around, I completed the lace with zero errors.  Zero errors is an exceptional accomplishment in my knitting life, and this red scarf is a symbol of improvement for me!

Hand Knit with Love


I’m working at a fast and furious speed to make scarves as Christmas presents.  When I saw a picture on Pinterest of a wrap-around gift label for knitted products, I knew I could make my own.  I first used an app on my iPad called “Hand Drawn” to make the text and graphics.  I then imported the pictures into Word to make a printable document.  I can now print two labels with one sheet of 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper. Read the rest of this entry

Crapsmanship Rule #1



I’m getting better (finally!) at knitting and have recently finished up this purple scarf.  I got the pattern from All Free Knitting at http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Knit-Scarves/Garter-Drop-Stitch-Scarf.  My knitting of the scarf is a perfect example of the first rule of crapsmanship:  MAKE YOUR ERRORS BECOME A DESIGN DETAIL. Read the rest of this entry

Cutie Booties



My friend Jackie had twin granddaughters born on June 11.  Aaaaawww, the babies are precious, and I just had to try my nascent knitting skills on some pink booties.  I found an easy pattern from the blog Small + Friendly at http://www.smallfriendly.com/small-friendly/2014/05/bitty-baby-booties-.html.  I knew how to do the stitches, and it made an easy T-shape that only required some simple whip stitches to complete.  I found some cute buttons to embellish the finished booties. Read the rest of this entry

Knitting Novice, Part II



My knitting instructor, Linda at Yarn on Youree, suggested that I post an update of my knitting progress.  I think she was worried that my first post painted such a picture of crapsmanship that it might discourage others from trying!  In my previous post (https://crapsmanship.com/2015/03/31/true-knitting-crapsmanship/), I showed you my success (or lack thereof) as I attempted to knit a washcloth.  Linda, being the pro that she is, told me that (1) she was proud of how hard that I tried, (2) I had followed the pattern incorrectly, and (3) I would have to start over again so as not to waste the yarn.  Smart woman!.  My next attempt was better, right?  Well, maybe half right.  I did use the pattern correctly, but I still made a few mistakes along the way.  As you can see by the errors I’ve highlighted, they’re not as glaring as they were before.  No gaping holes, fewer zigzag edges.  Progress, huh?!


So I tried again.  This time, I made a smaller washcloth, being bound and determined to rip out are re-do every mistake.  I’m not sure I caught every one, but not bad!


I then got so bold as to try a washcloth with another pattern.  I taught myself two new stitches to create a fancy border.  And while the item didn’t turn into the perfect square that was my intention, it still works fine as a washcloth.


The photo at the top of the page shows the beginnings of a scarf that I’m making for my teenage granddaughter in Salt Lake City, and I plan a matching hat.  Progress?  You bet!

True Knitting Crapsmanship



My dear friend Martha and I are taking up knitting.  It seems like a relaxing hobby, and it’s good for our aging brains to have new learning.  Besides imagining all the new neurons firing in my brain, I’ve got visions of all the sweaters, scarves, and mittens I’ll be making.  At least I had those visions until I gave it a try! Read the rest of this entry