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Mixed Media Ornaments


Ornament 7

I didn’t start out intending for this to be a DIY Christmas, but as I continue to make gifts, I realize many of my presents this year will be hand-made. These ornaments are some of my favorites so far. Each year, I get the grandkids themed ornaments — Kaye gets an angel, Mikey gets a bear, and so on. Usually I buy them, but this year I used a variety of material — acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, an old map, for example — to create each child a one-of-a-kind ornament directly from Grandma’s hand to their Christmas trees!

Ornament 5

Ornament 6

Ornament 4

Ornament 3

Ornament 2

Ornament 1


Aspen Trees Ornament



I made this aspen tree ornament after a summer trip to beautiful Colorado.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of my process, but it wasn’t difficult.  You can use the tutorial that helped me by going to this site:  http://angelaandersonart.blogspot.com/2012/11/easy-birch-trees-kids-art-class.html.

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We went to a wedding for a dear friend’s son a few weeks ago, and today I turned the wedding inviation into an ornament for the bridal couple for their Christmas tree.  This is my first blog post — while the ornament was easy to do and turned out well, (CRAP ALERT!) the photography for this post was neither easy nor well-done.  Please excuse the quailty of the photos as we begin to learn the tricks of the blogging trade!

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