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DIY Infinity Scarves


I got out my sewing machine today to work on a Christmas gift for my oldest granddaughter Kaye.  I’m most definitely a sewing novice, despite my mom’s and my high school home ec teacher’s efforts.  I have limited tolerance for the precision of sewing, but I figured I could handle the two or three straight seams this project required.  Even going to buy fabric gave me some feelings of ineptness ( ineptitude?), but I powered through the nervousness and bought two yards of pretty paisley fabric with shades of brown and blue on a field of white. Read the rest of this entry


Wine Scarves




I’m still in the beginning knitter camp, despite my two years of practice. But I’ve been venturing out as I try some new stitches and techniques, and I’ve found this quick-ish knitting project producing cute Christmas gifts if paired with bottles on wine. This project has the added benefits of giving me additional knitting practice and helping me use up a skein of holiday-red yarn. I’ve done several with plain garter stitch, adding pom-poms (a new skill) to the ends of one and fringe to another. I did  a scarf with rows of alternating garter stitch and yarn overs, and I’m now working on a scarf made out of seed stitch (another new skill).  I’ll try the chevron seed stitch on my next one.  For the one in the photo above, I cut the tufts off of some bunny yarn and sewed them onto the garter stitch scarf. Read the rest of this entry

Knitting Success



My current knitting project is this beautiful red scarf made from 100% mink yarn. I’m hoping it will look and feel good in December when I plan to wear it with my Christmas clothes.  I’m writing about it today because it’s a good illustration of my improvement as a knitter.

The pattern is called Kelp Scarf, and it’s available for free as a Ravelry download at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kelp-scarf-2.  It has this pretty lace pattern at either end, and the rest is all garter stitch.

I knitted the same pattern about a year ago as a Christmas gift for my friend Kerry. I struggled and struggled with the lace.  As a matter of fact, I worked on it on a 4-hour car ride to visit our grandkids. I ripped it out so many times (and undoubtedly said a few choice words), I was in the same place when we reached our destination that I had started at.

This time around, I completed the lace with zero errors.  Zero errors is an exceptional accomplishment in my knitting life, and this red scarf is a symbol of improvement for me!

T-Shirt Scarf


It’s been five months since I’ve interacted on the pages of this Crapsmanship blog. My paid writing job has come to an end, and I’m raring to get back to this. I know my six followers will be thrilled to have me part of their weekly dose of Internet nonsense!

T-shirt necklace (2)

I made this t-shirt scarf today. I’m one of the leaders of a state conference in October, and we’re looking for cheap ways to hand-craft some door prizes.  This scarf was simple to do, took only about 20 minutes, and cost $0.00.  All good attributes. I used this easy-to-follow video tutorial from The Thinking Closet:  http://www.thinkingcloset.com/2014/08/12/15-minute-t-shirt-yarn-infinity-scarf-video-tutorial/.

I can’t improve much on the video, so I’m not sharing a how-to here. Little crapsmanship was involved in the scarf’s making, though my cutting was uneven due to my left-handedness-and-I-can’t-cut-worth-a-damn syndrome.  My poor cutting  skills didn’t show because when you stretch the material, it rolls into itself, thus eliminating any obvious sign of cutting crapsmanship.

I’m unhappy with the loops, though; they’ve got too much variance in their lengths. In my next iteration of a t-shirt scarf, I will make sure I stretch the pieces as one (this will make sense when you watch the tutorial) so they will turn out equal length in the end.

But for a cheap and easy project, I guess it will do.  And it feels good to be back in blog-dom!

Crapsmanship Rule #1



I’m getting better (finally!) at knitting and have recently finished up this purple scarf.  I got the pattern from All Free Knitting at http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Knit-Scarves/Garter-Drop-Stitch-Scarf.  My knitting of the scarf is a perfect example of the first rule of crapsmanship:  MAKE YOUR ERRORS BECOME A DESIGN DETAIL. Read the rest of this entry