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Paper-Making Fail!


I had such a good idea! I thought it would be fun to make seeded paper — a chunk of papier-mache-ish wad with seeds inside that can be planted — to go inside my Valentines Day cards. After reading about making seeded paper from the blog Kitchen Counter Chronicle (see https://www.kitchencounterchronicle.com/how-to-make-seed-bombs-for-earth-day/), I thought it would be an easy adaptation to go from layering paper in muffin tins, as described in the blog, to making flatter paper that I could cut into hearts and insert into cards. CRAP ALERT: Boy, was I wrong. Read the rest of this entry




My son and daughter-in-law are building a new house, and they’re going to need lots of greenery for landscaping.  I have one of these plants, called an esperanza, in a pot in my backyard, and it’s been prolific with seedpods this fall.  To help Robert and Amanda out with spring planting, I thought I’d experiment with growing some of the seeds.

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