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Paper-Making Fail!


I had such a good idea! I thought it would be fun to make seeded paper — a chunk of papier-mache-ish wad with seeds inside that can be planted — to go inside my Valentines Day cards. After reading about making seeded paper from the blog Kitchen Counter Chronicle (see https://www.kitchencounterchronicle.com/how-to-make-seed-bombs-for-earth-day/), I thought it would be an easy adaptation to go from layering paper in muffin tins, as described in the blog, to making flatter paper that I could cut into hearts and insert into cards. CRAP ALERT: Boy, was I wrong. Read the rest of this entry

Cork Heart


This was an easy project that I first read about at https://trishsutton.com/wine-cork-valentine-heart-decor-printable-pattern/. I keep a steady supply of corks on hand (it’s a fun item to collect!), so this quick heart was a no-brainer to try.

I first printed out a heart outline and lined up some corks to make sure I had enough. No problem!

I then dragged the cork tops through a big blob of red acrylic paint. It took a little while for these to dry. Next, I hot-glued cork to cork, following the printed heart outline. After giving it all a little while to completely set, …

I tied some white ribbon through the top and hung it on the door into my garage. Cute!

V-Day Cards


For the last week or so, I’ve been experimenting with a few techniques for making Valentine’s Day cards.  Coincidentally, I’ve had to send out both a get well card and a condolence card, and I’ve used my newly-created cards for those purposes too. Read the rest of this entry



IMG_1838 IMG_1839

I’ve really been intrigued by all the hand-lettering projects I’ve seen on Pinterest.  I created a Pinterest board for my collection of ideas, and I decided to do my first project on gift tags for Dan the Man’s Valentine’s gifts.  Each tag corresponds with items that I wrapped up in a cute basket.  Read the rest of this entry